The Knitting Demon Strikes Again!

I’ve known of the knitting/crafting store, Mary Maxim, for only a couple of years. Apparently it’s been around for yonks, but I never knew until my grandmother showed me a catalogue and asked what I wanted for a Christmas present (I chose a kit that made an entrelac knitted blanket. Apparently I am a big jerk.).

Another big surprise was that Mary Maxim (a US online and retail chain) has a couple of store in Ontario; a big warehouse-type store in Paris, and a small boutique store. In uptown Toronto. About 2 kms from my new workplace.

Normally at this point I would be moaning about my depleted bank account because of all the FancyYarms I have bought at this store, but unfortunately, the store is closing (if it hasn’t already).

Damn, and damn. Just found out about you, MM, and you’re leaving me!

Having said that…they had a 50% off sale last Saturday, which I *did* manage to get to. The place was a rugby scrum of women all loading up their baskets with amazing yarn and needles and kits. Of course, I had to get my action in there!

I bought a few pairs of needles, a pattern for a funky slouch hat, some standard yarn in a couple of nice greens, a kit for a cool looking shawl (it’s a crochet, which blows as I don’t know how to crochet yet, but the yarn is beautiful and I’ll find something else to do with it)…and then I went a little nuts and bought some of the most beautiful yarn I’ve ever seen. I mean, look at this stuff!

2014-04-17 17.12.47Two colourways of Chilean Llama Lace (and yes, there’s real llama hair in it), and this amazing hand-dip-dyed, extra-fine Chilean merino yarn, all made by this small mother-and-daughter textile weaver called Araucania Yarns.  The colourway is called Botany Lace, and I desperately want to use it to its fullest potential. My current plan is to find a couple of not-too-difficult patterns for some sort of scarf or wrap that I can wear at the office, and use all of these yarns for those. They are so fine, yet strong, they would be absolutely wasted in anything less awesome.

Until I find those perfect patterns, I am practicing my knitting stitches on my regular yarns, so when it comes time for The Big Show, I will be able to knit perfectly! Oh, did I mention, earlier this month, I found out that for a year now I had been purling incorrectly…augh! So I’ve been unlearning old bad habits and relearning new, good habits. I also have a new favourite cast-on stitch I learned from Enchantelle on YouTube, which really looks like an English long-tail cast on, which I haven’t been able to master until now.

I’m so excited to have jumped up my skillset, and my pieces are improving with the practice!  We have a Thursday lunchtime stitch and bitch at the office, and the leader is an incredibly talented woman who is leading the little group and teaching some great patterns. I hope to catch up with their skill levels soon and start doing some cable stitches.

Will post when I have some stuff to show. Wish me luck!

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