One more (belated) Christmas present!

scarfWaaay back in late March of last year, a good friend and I picked up a couple of lovely, somewhat odd lace scarves at the OOAK (One Of A Kind) artisan exhibition. They were expensive, but we both fell in love with our respective colour choices.  And, being the crafty-face that I am, I was *sure* I could find the ribbon used to make the scarves, and make a number of them based on the one we bought as a template…which was how I justified paying what I did for the scarf. Still a little embarrassed about how much I paid, truth be told.

Well, it turned out to be not so easy after all to find this frelling ribbon, no matter where I searched, so after months of looking, I sort of gave up and resigned myself to having only the one pretty scarf and dealing with my frustrated crafty hopes.

To my astonishment, while I was decidedly NOT looking for it, I actually found some of the ribbon in late October of 2014 (*insert cheering*), and made good on my promise to craft a lace scarf for a belated Christmas gift for my friend, which I will be giving to her tomorrow!

I’m very pleased I was able to make another gift instead of just buying everything this year. With some family issues late last year taking up time I had originally designated towards making gifts (not that I begrudge the time, mind you), I feel thankful that I was able to get some crafting work done, as well as assist with a kick-ass Christmas dinner and get-together!
In any case, here is a pic of the final product:


And here is a basic one of me wearing it:


I know it will look much better on my friend than on me, so I will try to update this post with a photo of her wearing it tomorrow!

As this project is wrapped up, so to speak, I have one final belated Christmas gift to complete (a knitted scarf for my sister’s amazing SIL), and then it shall be gifted next week, hopefully with pictures in a post so everyone can see it. 🙂


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