The Reason Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.

Yay for the first post of 2015!!! Thought I’d step briefly back from food posting and give you a silly little update on what’s going on lately in the BirdHouse.

So…I’ve been away from home for the last couple of months, dealing with some family stuff. The Hubster’s totally got my back on this; he is my rock, and I love him even more today than the day I said “I do”.

(Cut for “D’awww!”‘s and “Blechhh!”‘s…now let’s move on…)

Our recycled Kittypuss, Mister Hexamorph, however, has not been a big fan of my absence. So much so, in fact, that he re-started doing That Which Is Not Allowed to show his extreme disapproval of current events, something that we *thought* we had trained him out of.

Heh. Training a cat. What were we thinking?

Open fridge (AGAIN!) letting all the food go bad,
Exhibit A: Open fridge (AGAIN!) letting all the food go bad.

Hex is a Big cat. About 20 lbs of (mostly) muscle, our boy is.

And when he decides he wants something in the fridge, he just




with his giant thumbypaws (he’s a polydactyl).

We have had a box full of bottles of water and bleach in front of the fridge to curtail this behaviour, but Strongman Pussyface only sees it as a challenge. We wake up in the morning, and there it is, open again, Pepperettes and leftover pizza strewn across the kitchen floor, Mister BadCat sitting there looking very pleased with himself.

Smug Cat Looking Smug.
Exhibit B: Smug Cat is Smug.

After the latest episode, where I had to throw out most of the contents of the fridge, including a beautiful chunk of Grano Padano, an unopened container of Creton (which is some fancy horseface pate that Miss Kitty adores), the entire contents of my vegetable crisper, and the ham we were going to make for dinner last night, we decided This Has Got To Stop.

So we got crafty.

2015-01-02 18.37.15This morning, we picked up one of these little beauties for $6.99 at our local Babies R Us:


2015-01-02 18.35.36And installed it thusly:


And now it is our fervent hope that our SexyHexy will not be able to open the fridge door in the night anymore, and cause more food wastage and deep irritation.

To date, Hex has not “commented” on this new state of affairs, but since the Hubster has already heard him this afternoon unsuccessfully (YESSSS!!!!) trying to open the fridge, we may have put this annoyance to rest.

2015-01-02 18.35.55
Plotting cat is plotting.

Until he comes up with something else, of course. He is our Feline Overlord a cat after all.


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