Wishing You All Happy Holidays!

My best to you and yours this holiday season! I will be spending Christmas Day and Boxing Day with my household, and will resume posting every second day starting on the 27th. Remember to love one another, and please stay home to stay safe. Alicia xx

Recipe Post: Kat’s Christmas Crack

This candy is so addictive I only ever make it at Christmas (which to me is the Season of Excess), and it’s so flippin’ easy to make, it’s a great baking craft that you can have the whole family take part in. Most of the ingredients are likely already in your pantry, and it’s incredibly…

Recipe Post: Easy Swiss Potato Rösti

In the last few months, hubby and I have taken to making a nice late breakfast for ourselves on Sunday morning; not exactly a monumental accomplishment for most people, but considering how lazy we are on the weekends and how much we loved going out to eat for our weekend brunches, it’s quite the event…

Spamalot: My favourite bizzare spam comments!

I know I’ve posted about spam posts before, such as here and here, but I’m still tickled by some of the crazy spams I get on this blog. My new favourite this week goes like this: “Heaven forbid we should ever experience a reclining seat in a house oof worship. More important,at least to me,…

Renovation Nation: Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Part 1

Whew! I’m beat like a carpet, but I can’t sleep, which is why I’m writing a blog post at is-it-*that*-late-already o’clock. The house still has the faint aroma of homemade chili con carne (watch for the recipe soon!), and I’m pretty tired after a day of working on our latest reno project; the guest bathroom….