Top Ten List: Favourite Food Bloggers

When I started this list, I didn’t realize that my favourite food bloggers were virtually all women, but there you go.  (Apologies to David Liebowitz; for the record, Not A Woman).

Bakerella (Angie Dudley) – This woman’s passion for cakepops and making the most adorable little edible characters using nothing but her imagination and incredibly vast collection of decorating candies always gives me hope!

The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) – Ree, the mastermind behind the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman website, will always be one of my very favourite writers whose site I visit when I’m feeling down or uninspired. Her food, people, and landscape photography, her friendly and approachable writing about her family and friends, and especially her amazing recipes(!!!) always feel like comfort to me.  And of course, there’s always Charlie, the doe-eyed Basset Hound.

Sprinkle Bakes (Heather Baird) – I just started following this website last year when I picked up her new book, and was completely wowed by her talent!  Ms. Baird started out as an artist, and then segued into food artistry, with amazing results.
Her recipe book, SprinkleBakes, is excellent and so beautifully designed and photographed; in fact, her Colourful Swirl Cookies were so lovely, I even made them for my wedding dessert table!  I strongly recommend her book to anyone who’s looking for great recipes that are a little different.

Cookies and Cups (Shelly) – I started following C&C via Facebook a month or two ago, and I have been impressed by her ever since!  Her recipes make me want to raid my cupboards and start baking in the middle of the night.

Love and Olive Oil (Lindsay and Taylor Landis) – I joined the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap last year and came into contact with the Love and Olive Oil blog (who co-hosts the event) for the first time. I highly recommend reading this addictive and beautifully laid-out blog!


Tartelette (Helene Dujardin) – Helene’s food photography, presentation, and recipes are some of the most beautiful and modern I’ve seen. I try to gain inspiration from her writing when I’m feeling blah and like I’ll never amount to anything in this blogosphere.

David Lebovitz – One of the great food writers, Mr. Lebovitz has a great sense of what people like, for lack of a better term. From age 16, he worked his way up the culinary ladder as both a professional Chef and Pastry Chef; he worked with the famous Alice Waters at Chez Panisse, a super swanky restaurant in Berkley, California for nearly 13 years. He has been living and writing from Paris (one of my most favourite cities in the world) on a full-time basis since 1999, so he has a wealth of experience to share in his writing and numerous cookbooks.

The Sweet Adventures of Sugar Belle (Callye Alvarado) – Oh, what can I say about Sweet Sugar Belle???  Callye’s cookie designs are SIMPLY AMAZING and I fall at her feet in awe at her talent.  I just started following this blog through Facebook, and I can guarantee you that I drool over each and every one of her creations!  So incredibly talented!

Sally’s Baking Addiction (Sally McKenney) – Another blog I have started following through Facebook (notice a trend?), I really enjoy her writing and that she develops most of her own delicious recipes; she even has her own book! I’m also hugely impressed that she gave up a career in Finance to pursue her blogging full-time! There *is* hope!

Confessions of a Cookbook Queen (Kristan Roland) – Lastly, but not least, I fell into this blog through Facebook (there I go again) and came to really enjoy the writing style and the recipes!  While the writer may not have a fancy Pastry degree, she knows her sweets, and her food photos look scrumptious.


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