It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! A month of Christmas baking posts!

I’ve been holding off on listening to Christmas music, talking about the holidays at any length, or buying anything even close to a present, and I’ve refrained from searching out those pesky boxes and bins in the storage room that contain decorations, festive wrapping paper, and whatnot.  Even though the frenzied Christmas retail festivities seem to start earlier every year, I decided I would hold off until the actual month of December to start whipping myself up into the holiday spirit, so I could really enjoy it this year!

2012 kind of blew chunks for me in the “holiday spirit” department; not having a steady income at the end of the year, and various health and life concerns occurring to various friends and family members (including myself) tended to dampen what little happyfuntimes I had.  However, this year I am determined to be cheerful and jolly and kind and generous and civil, and most especially, to Get Mah Bake On when it comes to seasonal holiday recipes!

To that end, I have compiled a sort of wishlist of “Christmassy” baking recipes I would like to make, photograph, blog about, and then give the baked product away (so that the Hubster and I don’t end up with diabetes or cholesterol-induced heart failure by January 1). This is a living document, as the saying goes, so it may change substantially as I encounter new, awesome recipes; I also make no promises that what is on this list below will actually be made, but I do promise to try my best among all of my other work, family, and social obligations to make as many of these as possible. If fortunate, I may be able to bake off more than one recipe at a time, if there are similar ones or I have a baking order that involves one of the goods below, which means I may be able to blog about multiple recipes in one post.

Please have a look at my draft list below, and reply in the comments re any particular recipe you really want me to attempt. Maybe it’s your favourite cookie/candy/cake/dessert ever, or maybe you’ve never made it yourself and want to know how it’s done. As always, leaving me comments on my posts makes me super-happy, and I’m sure that there are angels who will earn their wings if you reply…

…though I’m not completely certain about that last part…

And of course, each post will have the recipe included along with the pictures.
What can I say?  I’m a giver.

Chocolate Toffee (candy)

Christmas Fudge (candy)

Christmas Haystacks (cookie)

Cranberry Fudge (candy)

Cranberry Nut Tartlets (pastry)

Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies (cookie)

Eggnog Cheesecake (custard/cake)

Eggnog Truffles (candy)

Festive Creme Brulee (custard)

Gingerbread Cookies/House (cookie)

Ho Ho Snowballs (cookie)

Holiday Sticky Buns (bread)

Nut Brittle (candy)

Orange-Chocolate Bread Pudding (bread)

Peppermint Patties (candy)

Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake (custard/cake)

Santa’s Whiskers (cookie)

Scottish Butter Tablet (candy)

Spicy Cinnamon Snaps (cookie)

Stained Glass Sugar Cookies (cookie)

German Stollen (bread)

Swirled Peppermint Bark (candy)

Toffee Butter Crunch (candy)


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