Random Post is Random.

Well, since I haven’t been creative lately (other than my recent foray into knitting squares mentioned in my previous post), I thought I’d be utterly random and play the “what pictures do I have uploaded to Dropbox from my camera these days?” game. I’ll do my best to find the least boring ones! *wink*

2013-06-23 16.21.54
Tillering my longbow (checking it for symmetry, adding a slight curve).
2013-07-14 17.18.28
Very painstaking, exacting work to carve a longbow by hand.

This is me working on my hand-carved longbow from this past summer. Our workshop was a studio run by the Fighting Arts Collective, which rented space to several different clubs, such as AEMMA (Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts), Medieval Longbow Training, a couple of different Martial Arts Academies, and the Flying Studio (an acrobatic club where you can learn aerial silks, hoop, ropework, or static trapeze).

We often quietly worked on our bows while the Flying Studio acrobats practiced their routines 10 feet away to crazy-ass interesting musical accompaniment, either twisting and gyrating madly on foam mats or shimmying up and down silk ropes from dizzying heights.

2013-08-31 19.29.04
I wanted to bathe in that garlic aioli.

This is a picture of my husband’s and my dinner on our wedding night, courtesy of swankity-swank room service from The Grand Hotel, one of the finest hotels in Toronto (shout out to my great friend, RayRay, for hooking us up with such a bonanza of awesomeness!).

We were so stressed/nervous about the entire wedding day that neither of us ate much of anything at all at the reception. By the time we got to the hotel, we were exhausted and starving, and *desperate* to get out of our respective monkey suits and just RELAX in our suite. Hence room service. Hubster’s BLT and my sammy with those perfectly seasoned crispy shoestring fries were absolutely delicious, and that garlic aioli in the little ramekin….ohmahgawd that was so good!

Scene of the crime.
Scene of the crime.

Hands down, this was one of the tastiest room service meals we have ever had. Or maybe it was just so awesome due to being together, alone, finally, after a looong day. Or possibly our fantastic good humour due to certain *frolicking* in the ensuite hot tub while watching Cars on the swivel-mount TV.

I swear we are not rednecks. All evidence to the contrary.

2013-11-03 00.46.07
Hexamorph looking CATatonic….yeah, that pun sucked.

This is our Recycled Polydactyl KittyPuss, Hexamorph. He looks dead or Zombified here, and it kind of freaked me out, as he stayed that way for a full 5 minutes, unblinkingly staring into the abyss.

I think he does this just to mess with me.

That’s ok. I know where both the Furminator AND the claw clippers are. I’ll get him back. You’ll see.


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