Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse

It’s been an unconscionably long time since I last posted, and I do apologise; yet, after a long time of either being out of work or in only short-term contract positions, I’ve been offered a wonderful job with some amazing people, in an industry it doesn’t hurt my heart to work in. It may take us a little time to get back on our collective feet financially, but it’s such a relief to now be able to not worry so much about where we will find the money for the little things (like rent, food, and gas money….ha).

While I cannot go into too much detail about where I am working, I will say that it’s a Not For Profit organization, and it does very good works of which I am proud to be a part. There is a great and positive atmosphere in the office, where everyone seems to be doing what they love. I have seen that there’s a very strong culture of development in this organization, too, so I envision, with a little more specialized education and a lot of effort on my part, I can finally move out of the “pink collar ghetto” in a few years and do something else like Program Development, which is far more fulfilling for my soul.

I may not have the strength, the seed money, or the perseverance to be a professional Baker with my own shop as I had so hoped to be over the last several years, but working with a reputable NFP organization is a good second place. It is also unlikely to cripple me by my 50’s, which I consider a bonus too.

Getting paid consistently doesn’t hurt either.

So, what does this mean for my blog? I will still be writing about food and baking and posting my food pics and developing recipes, but I will also be interspersing more non food-related posts as appropriate.

I’d be honoured if you would all like to come for the ride! Welcome!

EDIT: It’s occurred to me that those of my readers who are not as up on the internet “lingo” — or who don’t watch the Simpsons — may not understand my reference in my post’s title.

For the uninitiated, “Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse” means, at least to me, that a really crappy time has finally ended, if only temporarily, and a small boon has come your way, even if others may see it only as just more failure to get what you truly want.  Such as, you fell in that mud puddle five minutes before an important interview, but hey, you were only wearing your second-best outfit, so bonus!

Yes, my mind works in very weird ways. Y’all are not the first to think that.


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  1. This is great news, Alicia. Good luck with this new job. (Suzanne)


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