UPDATE: Knitting Project Confidential Progress!!!

knitting_frog_knit_it_rip_it_thermos_food_jar-smallI’ve mentioned before in previous posts that I’m a bit of a yarn whore (‘scuse my English…), and while I’ve been up with family this month, I’ve gone a little koo-koo-banana-pants on the buying yarn thing. What can I say: there’s a Michael’s store waaay too close to me up here!

Well, I’ve decided to rein in a little and force myself to be a more discerning consumer and knitter.

Remember this yarn?wpid-wp-1415853053687.jpg

In a blast of “I still can’t believe I did that…”, I returned it. It is no more in my possession, taunting me with its soft, pretty colours to play with it and forget all of my other cares and concerns…..ooooOOOoooo.


wpid-wp-1415852959679.jpgSecondly, I have had a great deal of quiet-time lately, so I have decided to put the pedal to the metal, knitting-wise, and knitted up this yarn to ACTUAL COMPLETION OF A PROJECT!!! W00t!

This may be a first for me. I feel faint…hold me…

Now, I would normally be showing off pictures of my completed project like whoa at this point, but it’s a Christmas gift for my adorable sister, and I know she occasionally reads this blog, so the finished pics will have to wait until after Christmas. Boo-urns.

But truuuust me, it’s lovely!

wpid-20141112_231813.jpgAs for the last purty yarn I bought, I’m still beavering away on my own cowl project, and I would say I’m about halfway done. In every way imaginable.

The yarn is a big pain in the butt to knit with, more than expected, actually, and on top of that, its very softness — one of the reasons I purchased it in the first place — is also a huge annoyance when it comes to its inability to hold a shape.  Super floppy.

I just hope this project doesn’t drive me to toss it out of the window, half-frogged and soaked in tears of frustration!

Wish me luck, and once it’s done (or I’m so done, whichever comes first), I’ll post photos, ether of the finished project, or my rageface as they cart me off to the looneybin!




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