Welcome to my brain droppings!

*blah blah vanity blog, blah blah*

What is the purpose of this blog, you may be asking?  You may wonder why you’re even bothering to read further than this line here, as I’ve already failed to capture your attention….so let me explain.

After co-hosting a mildly successful baking blog for a couple of years, I felt it was time to start anew with my own blog, dealing with not only my baking exploits but my other interests as well.  And, since I have been accused of having the memory of a goldfish and the stick-to-itiveness of Hammy the Squirrel from the animated movie Over the Hedge, I tend to have a LOT of interests!  In my own defense, I do tend to go back to my “old” interests in a cyclical manner, depending on what’s going on in my own life, the seasons, and whether anyone has asked me to make them something. This blog will be a good place to post pictures and tutorials on how I made stuff, as well as occasionally write about stuff going on in the world or my own little world.

So, a list of the hobbies and interests I’ve been pursuing over the last several years:

  • Baking: My most successful and long-run “hobby”; it’s more of a passion, really, and I *do* have professional training in this and my own micro cake-decorating business. I still count it as a “hobby”, however, until I start making enough money to support myself financially. Which will probably be never.
  • Knitting: Lots of scarves and a few blankets at this point.
  • Crocheting: an abject failure so far; but I shall persevere!
  • Quilting: I bought a sewing machine years ago for this purpose, and I have tons of fabric since I can’t seem to stay away from fabric stores…but I haven’t made a single quilt square to date. I’m getting there, though! One day…
  • Fabric Arts: I got into this recently because I decided to make both guest boutonnieres and a bridal bouquet for myself out of non-perishables, such as brooches, bead flowers, and fabric flowers. 10 glue sticks later and a lot of burn marks on my fingers, and I can happily say SUCCESS! Pics and tutes of the bouquet after the wedding.
  • Computer games/surfing the ‘net: While technically a hobby, it’s not exactly within the same sphere as listed above, but I list it anyway for full disclosure.
  • Board and tabletop RPG’s (role playing games): Yes, I’m “one of those”.

I also have other interests that are less “hobby” and more “activity” related. But, since this is not a dating site and I don’t want to bore you any further, this is what I’m sticking with.

Well, that wasn’t an exactly efficient “sum-up”, but I hope to bang all the rust off my writing style soon, and get to some more interesting posts!

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to feedback!

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