How did the sick girl get to heaven? Flu…

Holy CATS this has been a rough weekend.

After dropping our friend off at the airport last Thursday afternoon, five days after our wedding, the Hubster and I headed for home. We had stopped for dinner, when all of a sudden I started to feel unwell.  Four days later, I have just managed to crawl out of the miasma of chills, sweats, sneezes. coughs, and head-to-toe body aches that kicked off my First Flu of the season. I have downed so much NyQuil, Neo Citran and Tylenol, I feel like my household is keeping the pharmaceutical industry afloat all by ourselves.

I never thought I’d have to rely upon the “In sickness and in health” portion of our vows so soon, but we managed to help each other through the worst of it. Hubster has what he calls, “Wolverine-like healing abilities”, so while I was sick for nearly four days, and still have the cough to prove it, he was walking around like nothing happened after only ONE day of illness. To be fair, he was Super Awesome in taking care of me these last three days, so I’m not at all jealous.  Ok, a little jealous.

I’m still coughing like a two-pack-a-day habitual smoker, but at least I was able to totter out of our place this morning for a short while, to grab some breakfast and buy some baking supplies for a cake due on Wednesday morning. Luckily, I have ventilation masks and very strong cleanliness impulses.

I will be FINE and I will post pics of awesome baking stuff later this week…once I have another nap.


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