Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Sorry for the delay in getting the next post up; I was a little busy getting married over this weekend , so I left a few things to be worked on later after the blessed event.

Yes, that is correct, I am now a “Sadie, Sadie, married lady!” (if anyone has ever seen the movies Funny Girl and Funny Lady, then that reference would make perfect sense). Boy, am I old.

Anyway, I still intend to do some posts on DIY weddings on a dime, especially considering all of the different wedding favors, decorations, and other little things that I did for my own wedding. I will also include personal photos as appropriate, or how-to-series pics on creating certain decorations that I thought were awesome but didn’t include in my own event.

For this post, however, I am simply enjoying the first few days of my newly married life, and so there will be no how-to post today. Next week, however, we will be right back atcha!


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