Blast from the Past: Under the Sea Baby Shower Cake

Almost exactly a year ago, a friend and I made a lovely baby shower cake for my little sister’s first baby shower.

As the theme was “Under the Sea”, so the cake theme was as well.  We expected around 40 people to the shower, and boy, did they all come!  It was quite the event; obviously my sister is very much loved for some reason….heh heh…

In any case, the cake was 4 layers, 4 different flavours, and awesome all over! I had to personally transport the cake from Toronto to Ottawa the day prior to the shower (of which I was also the Kitchen Lead for all of the food for the party – eek!), so I made sure to box each layer separately to minimize the chance of a gravity-hates-you cakey disaster on the way.

The fondant figures were not made by me; I concentrated on baking off the cakes, making the fillings/frostings, and torting, filling, and crumb-coating each cake. I also tinted each ball of fondant to the exact colours we were looking for (not an easy task, letmetellyou…).

The cake flavours were:

  • Bottom Layer: Bourbon Vanilla Bean with Strawberry-Vanilla Buttercream filling
  • Lower Middle: Deep Chocolate with Chocolate buttercream filling
  • Upper Middle: Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Buttercream filling
  • Top Layer: Tropical Carrot Cake with Pineapple Cream Cheese Buttercream filling

Some close-up pics of the little fondant sea creatures:

I just love this little goldfish!
Great little seashells and starfish
Crabby Dude sez “hi!”

Crabby dude’s brother

Our work station during production, with the inspiration cake pic

Well, a cake that could easily have fed 80 people ended up with only a few pieces left at the end of the day…not that I’m complaining! Everyone raved about the cake, and I was gratified to have been able to deliver on a daunting commission — it just *had* to be right.

This is what the serving table looked like when the cakes had been cut and plated (this was only about 1/2 of the cake cut at this point):

Holy gigantic servings, Batman!
A last little note to all; don’t be disappointed if your cake doesn’t turn out *exactly* like your inspiration cake; after all, you’re supposed to take your inspiration from the original image, not make a carbon copy! We made some small errors with this cake, ’tis true, but we learned some things and also improved a few things, too. 
All in all, we’re proud of our little cake, and we’re glad we had the opportunity to make it.

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