New Knitting Project!

I have a small confession.
I am…ahem…riddled with….knit-itis.

It’s a pernicious disease; I cannot seem to pass by a yarn sale or a crafting convention without ogling piles of beautiful “yarms.”..and when it comes to being able to say “no” to donations of yarn and notions from friends cleaning out their own stashes, I have no willpower whatsoever.

In addition to Knit-itis, I appear to have contracted a crippling case of Rip-it-osis. Symptoms are characterized by ripping out nearly-complete works back to the start stage, due to perceived imperfections in the work. This annoying condition appears fairly consistently when a project is nearing the completion stage, which means that I never seem to finish any of my knitting projects.

Pernicious,  I tells ya.
*gusty sigh*

Well, I ripped out the original work I was making with my Noro Wadaiko yarn last month, and am in the laborious process of starting again, but this time with a new project in mind.


Behold my new neck cowl!
Or at least the start of it. It’s not exactly what I had intended (I picked up the wrong gauge of circular needle and didn’t notice until yesterday), but I think my revised idea will turn out very well! It’s nearly 1/2 done at this point; the idea is to pop it over my head and fold it over so the smooth side is against my neck, or I can “ruche” it down depending on the coat I’m wearing.

It’s certainly going to be both warm and bright! It’s only my second time using circular needles, and I must say I’m  hooked; I am looking forward to doing my next pattern with them too!

The important thing is for me to finally complete one of my projects; this may get me over this apparent fear of completing things. Rip-it-osis will not get the better of me; if I can’t complete projects I can never give away my creations, and then I’m left with a growing pile of frogged yarn, which is such a waste.


Wish me luck 😉


UPDATE: Almost finished the cowl last night, and realized it looked heinous. So I decided to make a hat instead. Completed project pics (HOPEFULLY!) soon, once I bind off the top and add a pompom and side tie-on straps…and anything else I can think of that will improve its looks! 😉


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