Knitting Confidential – Progress Report!

Well, believe it or not, I have finished another knitting project!

Oh my…two finished projects in one month?!

There must be some very aerodynamic pigs flying around a very chilly Hell right now…flying-pig

It’s actually a gift for MYSELF, which is a bit silly, because I’ve been busting my hump to have presents handmade for people on my Christmas gift list…but I just fell in love with this yarn and couldn’t wait to make something soft and floofy with it!

It was originally going to be a cowl, but I used reallllly large circular needles, and put on far too many stitches when knitting in the round, so it’s turned into an infinity scarf, but I’m totally fine with that. It’s also wide enough that if I need to use it as an impromptu head covering, it can stretch to fit my cabeza :o)

Now with my new black knee-length wool winter coat (an early Christmas present from my mother), I look quite nice, actually!

Now to see if I have enough time in the last few days before Christmas to make One More Christmas gift from the leftover yarn…so, avanti already, woman! (heh, Spanish AND Italian words in the same post…I’m so classy…lol…)

Happy holidays to all!


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