first time home buyerSo sorry I’ve been away from blogging for so long (ok, so I *do* regret that…), but I have a super-good reason; we went a little crazy and bought our Very First House! These last two months have been an absolute whirlwind of house showings and offers and more paperwork than I could have EVER imagined, never mind the mind-boggling amounts of money that we have spent on all of the things required when purchasing a home…gahhh! And now with the packing up of our current home, which I am mostly in charge of, it’s been a veritable parade of boxes and garbage bags. It’s not easy to condense an 11-year relationship’s worth of “stuff”into a manageable amount; the packing is the easy part! But we will get ‘er dun, and I am so looking forward to leaving renting life behind forever!

Having said that, I have a certain tendency to shirk my packing duties when I get bored, or tired, or overwhelmed, and I go do something else for a while until I’m ready to tackle the piles of stuff again. Which is why I am writing a blog post instead of packing. No judgement. One other thing I tend to do is surf the Net, which my ever-loving Hubster calls “trolling the LolCats”.  Sometimes I find some verrrry interesting things (ever spend hours, square-eyed, staring down a Tumblr or Reddit rabbit hole? I can now proudly say that I have, several times over the last few weeks); in addition, when I’m especially tired, or stressed, I find my resistance to the blandishments of “shiny things” is somewhat lowered.

cuteness overload ragefacePuppies and kittens looking adorably silly? TOTES ADORBS!



hurr hurrYouTube videos of Darwin Awards candidates doing dangerously stupid things and getting squared in the junk/face/both simultaneously? HURRHURR THAT’S FUNNEH!



shut_up_and_take_my_money_9299_2560x16001Geeky, clever things for sale? OHMAHGAWD SHUT UP AND TAKE MAH MONEY!!!!


Exhibit A:

One of these aprons will be mine; I just haven’t decided which one speaks to me best:

rb-unicorn-apron rb-delicious-apron qw-soulss-apron qc-baking-apron-sm




























Soooooo…my credit card is not going to be happy with me, but these two t-shirts need to become part of my life. Jonathan Coulton is hilarious, and I’ll be buying his mp3 albums as soon as I can afford ALL OF THEM.

I really need to get back to packing. But I still want these things. Someone kick me in the slats and tell me to get back to packing, already! ;o)

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