Meme lover right here, folks….

pack all the things
Yes, I am aware that this is *also* a meme…and one of my other favourites! (c) Allie Brosh @ Hyperbole and a Half

A short filler post, while I continue to pack ALL THE THINGS in this place:

Internet memes have exploded in popularity over the Net in the last several years; some are incredibly obscure, and some only relate to a certain demographic, gender, orientation, political stance, interest in a cultural “type”, such as love of a particular TV show, movie, game, or toy . Depending on quality, these types of memes tend to be briefly popular only to sink out of the collective consciousness. But then there are some memes that capture the imaginations of a large segment of the global population by their humour, shared experience, or simply because they are head and shoulders better than others, and therefore have more staying power. Again, different tastes, levels of maturity, and cultural influences, among other differentiations, can have a great amount of say in whether an internet meme will be popular for longer than just the moment.

All this is a prelude to me showcasing a couple of my more favourite memes, what I call my “guilty pleasure” giggles, the Ermagerd and the Hurr Hurr/Derp phenomena.

ermagerd gersebermpsERMAGERD

“Know Your Meme” goes into depth on how this unfortunate photo came on the scene in 2012, and exploded in popularity soon after, with legions of offshoots showcasing the “ermagerd” concept. My personal favourites are below:

ermagerd flerpflerps ermagerd cherning tertum ermagerd bertmern2
ermagers ferncer ferst
ermagerd merlkberns
ermagerd bertmern





















The next favourite of mine, for reasons passing understanding, is the “hurr hurr/hurr durr/derp” meme.

“Know Your Meme” discusses its origin; I find it interesting that this meme has birthed spin-off after spin-off, especially considering that it itself is a 3rd generation from the original “Derp” meme.  Some of my favourites are here:

hurr burr hurr corgi hurr horse one does not simply hurr












I honestly don’t know why these memes, over the literally thousands of others, have captured my imagination and tickled my funny bone for the unimaginably long time of *3-5 YEARS* since they were supposedly created…whooo…!

What are some of your favourite memes?

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