Recipe Roundup: What to do with your Christmas leftovers

This year’s Christmas celebrations will likely be very different than in previous years; depending on where you are residing, you may be able to meet up with family and friends, or only be able to celebrate with those in your current household.

One thing that likely won’t change, however, is there we will all have Christmas leftovers of one kind or another. There may be more or less than usual, depending on if you’re able or willing to cut down your tried and true recipes to feed a smaller bunch this year (how does one roast half a turkey?), but it’s easy to tire of even the most delicious food after the third reheating. So how can we freshen up leftovers to make them fun to eat again? Below are listed some great ideas from various sources, that should help you use up those extras languishing in your fridge on Boxing Day, and help clear out everything before the inevitable New Years Day promise to eat healthier and finally use your dusty stationary bike that you’ve had sitting on the landing for the past five years (true story).

First up, this scrumptious Leftover Christmas Veggie Traybake from Delicious magazine in the UK; feel free to sub in any other vegetables you may have instead of what’s listed there; it will be yummy no matter what!

Next up is this interesting (and oh so very British) Posh Bubble and Squeak with Chestnuts, from Olive Magazine. Chestnuts are something I’ve not played with often other than to make a killer biscotti (recipe coming soon!)

I’m always a fan of converting leftovers into a pasta casserole, as this Leftover Turkey Pasta Bake with Ham and Cheese from website Kitchen Sanctuary does so beautifully. And if that sounds like too much meat (said no carnivore EVER), then just sub out one for more of the other.

Jamie Oliver is my spirit animal; I’ve been watching his shows and reading his cookbooks since his days as The Naked Chef. So of course when I saw on his website that not only does he have an entire section dedicated to Christmas recipes, but he also had some great ideas for using up Christmas leftovers, I knew it had to be included in this list. With recipes ranging from using up those roast veggies, nuts, cheeses, turkey and even leftover Christmas pudding, Jamie’s endlessly inventive mind will always have me oohing and aahing at what he comes up with next! (*swoon*).

In a similar vein, the chefs over at website The Manual have a slick post called “6 Ways to Transform Your Christmas Leftovers“, describing various new combinations of what to do with not only your leftovers, but also repurposing the bits most people throw away, such as turning your turkey carcass into stock, or taking those leftover cranberries and adding them to a salad instead. Even dessert is covered in this short but informative post.

Speaking of short but informative, I hope this post gives you some food for thought on what to do with your Christmas leftovers that are too good to throw away, but not good enough to eat as-is for another meal.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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