Spotlight on Spring Produce: Asparagus

Spring is here in the Northern hemisphere, and with it comes our eagerly-anticipated harvest of fresh spring asparagus. There’s nothing like crunching into a delectable, perfectly cooked spear of field-grown asparagus; the slimy, slightly grey-tinged jarred kind simply can’t hold a candle to it.

Below are twelve carefully-curated recipes from some of the powerhouses of the food industry; from Food and Wine magazine and website, to Conde Nast behemoth Bon Appetit, to the doyenne of fine style and taste, Martha Stewart, to the fun and informative websites Spend with Pennies, Delish and Food Network, each of these recipes are sure to please. While all the recipes below feature asparagus front and centre, there should be something to please everyone, whether carnivore or vegetarian, gluten/dairy-free aficionado to enthusiastically adventurous palate, gourmand to broke college student.

All photos are copyright of their respective websites, and borrowed with thanks.

Food and Wine website: Asparagus with Toasted Almonds and Garlic

Credit: © Iain Bagwell. Food styling by Simon Andrews.

Food and Wine website: Asparagus Soup with Parmesan Shortbread Coins

Credit: © David Malosh

Bon Appetit magazine: Vegetarian Carbonara

Photo By Emma Fishman, Bowl By Melien Ceramics 

Bon Appetit magazine: White Bean and Spring Vegetable Soup

Photo By Emma Fishman, Food Styling By Susie Theodorou

Martha Stewart website: Asparagus Gruyere Tart


Martha Stewart website: Fettucine with Asparagus Ribbons

Credit: Annie Schlecter

Delish website: Parmesan Asparagus Fries


Delish website: Cheesy Bacon Asparagus Casserole


Spend with Pennies website: Air Fryer Roasted Asparagus

Spend with Pennies website: Pickled Asparagus


Food website: Cavatelli with Asparagus

Photograph by David Malosh, courtesy of Food Network Magazine

Food website: Slow Cooker Asparagus-Barley Risotto

Credit: Food Network Kitchen


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